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New Yarn!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Earlier this summer, Theresa over at Little Turtle Knits had a pre-order Henry's Attic Sale.  I ordered one hank of Kona Fingering weight custom dyed.  Well, I was just planning on emailing her to get an eta yesterday, when this arrived:

  And This (same yarn, other side)

Now In real life the yarn is darker than here in the picture.  I didn't use the better camera.  It is beautiful.  It's soft and beautifully dyed.  I love Theresa's work!  The colors (that didn't show up well) are a great wine, Chartruse, burnt orange, peacock, purple.  It's beautiful.  I love it.  It will make great socks.

Update of projects:

1.  Raglan Sweater for DD1.  I'm done with the body and am on the sleeves.  I would have been further on the sleeves today, however I had problems with positioning.  I do 2 sleeves on 2 circs (like my socks) so I get them to be the same.  I'll be tapering the sleeves down as I go, as they are really big right now, and I'm not doing ribbing, but a rolled cuff.

2.  Falling Leaves socks - Well, they were frogged down to the toe yesterday.  After looking at the beautiful Trekking yarn and the pattern, they just didn't mesh.  The yarn begs to be in a simple pattern.  I did a few rounds last night but nothing really to show.

3.  Marialis - Didn't work on her at all yesterday.  Still looks the same.

4.  New Project:  I'm doing a small blanket for NIN.  I'm copying the Harlot's pattern of garter on the bias center then going around in a pattern.  I'm using stash yarn and it's looking good.  I'm using size 6 needles (same as the Raglan).

5.  Dishcloth Afghan - It'll probably get scrapped.  I'm not liking the way the yarn is feeling...icky Red Heart.  I know the stuff wears like iron, but it feels nasty to me.  I may be becoming a yarn snob.

6.  Plain Washcloth - It's my travel project, and I didn't go anywhere yesterday.  It's incredibly soft as I'm using sock yarn and US 1.5 needles.

I think that's all my projects right now.

I did hear back from my sisters and now have a better idea of what I'm having to do....ugh...I need to get started!!!


Christmas Knitting Has Begun!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well, I've begun the Christmas Knitting!  I have sent out the email to my sisters asking what they want, I've asked my mom and grandma what they want.  I still need to ask my dad.  So far, I've received The following answers:

Sister #1:  No answer yet...she has until October 1 to tell me what she wants or she will get (maybe) a gift card.

Sister #2:  She wants something small with cows.  Anyone have any ideas on this?  I'm clueless.  Especially something I could knit!

Sister #3:  She requested a lace scarf LAST YEAR (I'm getting BIG points for worst sister of the year award) but the yarn didn't arrive in time.  THEN I also neglected to get her anything for her birthday.  Again, worst sister of the year award.  This year I've bought the pattern (see that, I BOUGHT a pattern) and a hook (to add sparklies).  I also have said yarn....Admiral Blue ZEPHYR.  You know you're jealous.  I'd link the pattern here, but she may (by some freak accident) read my blog.

Sister #4:  Hasn't given me any answers.  Again, like sister #1 she has till Oct 1.  I've thought of making her another sweater, as I made one for her years ago.  But I'll have to ask her first.  And I'm wondering if I have enough time.

Sister #5:  She requested bookmarks.  I've looked for and printed out a few patterns.  My baby sister so far has been the best!  Last year I said I wanted specifics and gave them a deadline.  She DREW me a picture of what she wanted!  It was great!

Mom:  She requested a sewn bag.

Grandma:  Requested Pictures.  WAY easy, and since I work at the Photo dept I can wait until the 24th of Dec. and still have plenty of time!

As for MY kids, well I've actually started on one!  And I have an update.  I started this Last week.  After casting on for the darned thing 4 times it finally went comfortably over her freakishly large head.  It's almost long enough, and is 3" wider (according to my gauge) than I first planned.  I'm loving it, and wish it would do a bit more pooling, but it looks great!  And it will be worn by all three kids.  I love hand me downs!

Here's progress on Marialis.  Ugh.  The rows are still unbelievably long.  I have 21 sts between each marker (that's 18 repeats) and will be going to 22 on this next row.  I have a long way to go yet.  But I am knitting on her.  I've done about 1-2 rows every day or so.

I'm also plugging along on the Falling Leaves Socks.  I finally started on the heel gussets.  I'd have taken a picture, but I can't find them.  They're around here somewhere.

I've been currently reading The Yarn Harlot's blog.  And she has inspired me to try to finish things.  She makes so many beautiful things.  I'm trying to get more things finished so I can feel like I've accomplished things.  I'm liking the knit on many things as this helps me from hating the projects.  Hrm...maybe I should pull out Sonnet or Pinwheel???

Finally, here's a pic of The Boy.  He was NONE too happy to be on the floor and wanted Mama to get off the computer and pick him up.  He's cute even when he's screaming.


30 minutes

Sunday, August 20, 2006

So, what would you do with 30 minutes?  These were my options of what to do for 30 minutes while all 3 children slept:


1.  Knit 2 rows on Marialis.  Yes, only TWO rows.  Sigh.  I actually timed myself this morning before church and it took me 14 minutes to do a plain purl row.  After church, I did the one and only pattern row (it's Feather & Fan) it took 15 minutes...the next purl row took 15 minutes but I was reading The Harlot's archives (she's such a riot).  Here's an update shot of her, sorry it's crappy but I am tired and I'm not braving 94 degrees to show her outside.

2.  Knit some on The Skittles Sweater.  No, I haven't timed myself yet.  It's a raglan for Morgan for Christmas.  I have plenty of time.  I'll make her put it on to make sure it'll go over her head later today.  This is the yarn I had been using on the Razor Tank.  I'm liking how it looks. Hopefully it'll fit.

3.  Take a 30 minute nap.  I'm exhausted.  I can't remember the last time I took a nap.  Normally during nap time I knit.  It is my uninterrupted knitting time.  Time when I can loose myself in knitting.  Love the yarn, love the knitting, love the needles.


Now what do you think I did?  Yeah, I lay down for 30 min.  I didn't sleep the entire time, I figure I actually slept for about 15 min. solid.  I nursed The Boy and thought about knitting.  I did sleep with the knitting.  Does that make me weird?