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Very Cute. :-)  The colors are just what I wanted.  - M (Medium Soaker)

I just got my soaker today and I love it!  I had to put it right on Sarah to see how it fit.  It fits her just great (she is 7 weeks old today).  I have attached a photo for you to see how your handiwork looks on my Little Bit (she has a Muttaqin on under it because I wanted to try it over our biggest diaper).  Your work is wonderful and I will certainly recommend you to whoever I can. - Monique  (Small Soaker)

The length was perfect; these were Capri pants with a ruffle and everyone RAVED about how cute they were.  It's nice to find items that actually FIT a newborn instead of waiting for them to grow into them.  this was a great fit overall and totally cute! - Stephanie (Newborn Soaker)


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